East Coast Overland is about promoting the outdoor lifestyle, protecting our environment by ensuring we always leave a place better than we found it and about family friendly outdoor adventures. It is the only overland tour guiding and overland event planning service on the Canadian East Coast. We offer an ever growing list of guided tours, as we keep exploring, we keep adding new trips to our inventory. The trail network in this Province is unbelievable but also very easy to get lost in.  Let us show you New Brunswick from a side you haven’t experienced before. Explore the Maritimes, discover this region’s astonishing beauty. Let us do the tedious leg work. Simply sign up, pack your gear and come along for the ride! Minimal vehicle requirements apply.

East Coast Overland hosts the annual NB Expedition Challenge, which is a team based navigation challenge that runs over the span of 4 days. More info can be found under the EVENTS tab.

Trail Guides

About our Tour Guides: All East Coast Overland Tour guides have years of experience off-road, navigating, camping and overlanding and everyone is First Aid qualified. Our team consists of all Canadian Army soldiers that share the same passion for overlanding.

ECO Policy

East Coast Overland (ECO) is all about treading lightly. We firmly believe in leaving sites and trails better than we found them. I’m sure everyone heard the phrase “this is why we can’t have nice things!” It is a sad reality that a few always ruin a good thing for the many. Therefore ECO is committed to ensuring that NO garbage is left behind, we pack out what we pack in, AND on top of that, if there is garbage left from previous users, we will leave it better than we found it. We will ensure that overlanding can continue to grow and continue to gain traction in NB and on the East Coast, earning a positive reputation and attracting visitors from all over to discover NB.

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