August 19-23 2017

Background: The NB Expedition Challenge is the first official overland challenge held in New Brunswick. The event is set over the span of 4 days and will cross the majority of the Province of New Brunswick from the South to the North along the eastern coast, with the last stop being the Mount Carleton region. Each team will embark on a mission to find a route to a common, predetermined camp site for each night. The aim is to navigate through NB’s trails and logging routes, while completing challenges along the way. The Event will start  at the following coordinates: 19TFL 92433 96272

The Event: 

Teams: Each team will consist of  3 vehicles. For safety reasons, a navigator/copilot is required in each vehicle. Any other crew members is up to you. Participation is limited to 10 teams for this event.

Tasks:  There will be a number of grid coordinates between the start point and the camp site for the night. Each coordinate has a certain value, for example hard to reach locations will have a higher value than the closer ones. Each score coordinate must be logged via GPX file and all the vehicles in the team must reach it. Splitting up your team is not permitted. A geotagged photograph of all 3 vehicles at the score grid must be taken for the score to be assigned at the end of the day.

All trails must be logged via Gaia GPS on each vehicle in the team. The Gaia App, which usually costs $25 to download, will be made available for FREE to all participants, courtesy of Gaia GPS. Also each team will be given one Backroad Mapbook, courtesy of Backroad Mapbooks, as backup navigation.

The 10 teams will depart at staggered timings with 6 minute intervals per team. Their NLT arrival time at camp will be respective to their departure time. The routes chosen and the score coordinates choses will be up to the teams. There is no score bonus for an early arrival. This is not a race. Strong map reading skills and route plotting as well as time estimation will be the key to success.

Coordinating Instructions:

  • Scoring: Scores are assigned based on the number and value of grid coordinates reached during the day. Scores vary from 10 points to 80 points. Teams must reach the designated camp site at their specific No Later Than (NLT) timing or risk losing points. The later past the marked time, the more points that get lost. For example, teams will lose 1 point for every 10 minutes past the time.
  • Timings: Each morning, crews will receive the day’s coordinates at the daily driver’s meeting with event staff. 30 minutes for planning and coordination will be allotted before teams depart. The breakdown is as follows:
    • 0700-0800 hrsBreakfast/camp teardown;
    • 0800- 0815 hrs: Team Captain’s meeting;
    • 0815-0845 hrs: Route planning;
    • 0845-0900 hrs: Final vehicle prep and crew brief;
    • 0900-1040 hrs: Teams depart (6 minute intervals for 10 teams).
    • 1600-1740 hrs: Teams arrive at the camp site (each night).
    • NLT 1800 hrs: Teams submit their GPX files and photos to event staff.
    • NLT 1900 hrs: Camp setup complete, campfire (fire index permitting)
  • Limitations: There will only be 1 campfire per camp site. Occasionally, not all vehicles will fit on the same camp site, in this case each camp site may have their own camp fire as long as the Fire Index is GREEN or YELLOW (limitations apply). All fires must have a Water Jerry Can beside it to extinguish it before the last person goes to sleep.

Requirements: Vehicles must be equipped and up to the task. You must have the following items on your 4×4:

  1. A means of recovery – winch, straps or treds/trax ;
  2. Tow points front and rear;
  3. All Terrain or Mud Terrain tires with no less than 31″ in diameter;
  4. CB Radio;
  5. Jerry cans with spare fuel (20L min.)
  6. Jerry can with water.
  7. Full size spare tire;
  8. Tools and spare parts for common jobs/issues

Requirements: Equipment that must be carried by each team:

  1. First Aid Kit in each vehicle;
  2. Fire Extinguisher in each vehicle;
  3. A smart phone;
  4. A Satellite 2 way communication device, for example DeLorme inReach, one per team (Strongly recommended);
  5. One Backroad Mapbook and a compass, one per team is sufficient. One Map Book will be given to each team! Compass App will be just fine.
  6. Gaia GPS app on your smartphone in order to record your track;
  7. A photo/video camera;
  8. Propane stove;
  9. Tent and camping gear;
  10. Clothing for all weather;

A vehicle and equipment check will be conducted on Day 1 at the orientation / meet and greet.



  1. The winning teams (1,2,3) will be the teams to collect the highest score at the end of the challenge. Prize will be awarded to the Team Captain.
  2. Best photo! This prize will be selected by the East Coast Overland Community on IG and FB via the most Likes collectively accumulated over both sites. At a set date, (D+3) the count will tallied up and

Prizes: (prizes are still being determined as further sponsorships are being negotiated).

Items will consist of sponsor apparel and gear, to include T-shirts, Decals, Hats, Mean Mother TREDS, patches, etc

Cost: Cost to register each vehicle, independent of occupancy is $200 CAD. This includes a vehicle decal, an event T-shirt and a free copy of the Gaia GPS app.

Potential Additional costs: Gate Passes to access Acadian Timber lands must be purchased individually. They cost $11 per person and each person in the vehicle will be required to purchase a pass. Fuel costs slightly more in remote northern regions.

Alcohol and Drug Policy: This is a drug free event. If you have a prescription for medical marijuana then you will need to show proof thereof and it will have to be consumed away from others. There will be strictly no alcohol while driving. Any violation of these rules will result in a disqualification and you will be asked to leave the event.

ECO Policy: East Coast Overland (ECO) is all about treading lightly. I firmly believe in leaving sites and trails better than we found them. I’m sure everyone heard the phrase “this is why we can’t have nice things!” It is a sad reality that a few always ruin a good thing for the many. Therefore ECO is committed to ensuring that NO garbage is left behind, we pack out what we pack in, AND on top of that, if there is garbage left from previous users, we will leave it better than we found it. We will ensure that overlanding can continue to grow and continue to gain traction in NB and on the East Coast, earning a positive reputation.

This event is proudly sponsored by:

**All drivers will be required to wear an official event T-shirt throughout the Expedition Challenge in order to ensure sufficient media exposure to the event sponsors.

*** If you wish to sponsor this event and have your logo on the back of our event T-Shirts, please contact us.***

Event Registration:


Event Waiver:

To all participants, please print and fill out this waiver and bring it to the event for hand-in during the Check In on day 1.


NB Expedition (NBX) Part 1 (Recce)


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  1. We’ll be there! Hoping it’s going to be every bit as fun as it looks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Patrick Connell January 16, 2017 — 11:24

    Do the vehicles have to be street legal?


  3. Is there anyone looking for another tema member? I’m a solo vehicle and won’t be able to muster up another two vehicles.


  4. It says that A Satellite 2 way communication device is a requirement, then that it is “strongly recommended”. Is it actaully required equipment? I do have a CB radio.


  5. Daniel Diotte May 5, 2017 — 09:48

    Just seen this and very interested gonna try and form a team. Just wondering how difficult are the trails got a 2015 tundra with 35’s. Love offroading and never tried a event like this

    Liked by 1 person

    • Daniel, the trails can be very tight, but ultimately, this being a navigation challenge, you are responsible to pick your own route / trail. The majority is logging routes but some can become overgrown with time or have fallen trees across them. A Tundra on 35’s will be just fine as long as you don’t mind some pin striping.


  6. Situation to date: We have only 2 spots left for 2x full teams of 3 (6 vehicles), and we have 11 spots left for individuals to join existing teams that consist so far of only 1 or 2 vehicles. If you are supposed to be part of the team but haven’t registered yet, please do so soonest.


  7. Very interesting! This has a lot of appeal but just now reading about it, would be impossable to pull 3 trucks togther this late in the year. 2018 for sure. Unless some NB or NE US team is looking for 3rd truck for 2107?

    Liked by 1 person

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