All events are run on weekends and holidays from May – October based on popular demand. NB Expedition is only run in August, whereas all the other tours can be booked any weekend.

In addition to packaged tours, we are here to help you plan your own overland adventure and assist you in selecting routes and trails. By no means do we have all the trails available in NB, but we have a good selection of great overland routes throughout the Province. Just contact us with details. GPX files may be purchased starting at $50.

NB Overland Adventure – 6-7 days

This is a complete overland adventure that will take you through some of New Brunswick’s most rugged and most remote regions. This expedition requires proper preparation and a vehicle and equipment, ready to tackle the remote regions of this beautiful province. This is a roughly 1000km journey that starts in the Fredericton region, winding its way north as the Appalachian Mountain range competes with river valleys for the most pristine scenery, gaining in elevation each day, through tight and rugged trails, bearing north, aiming for the Mount Carleton Provincial Park. From there the adventure continues towards the Atlantic Coast, before orienting south again, through the heartland of New Brunswick closing the loop again in Fredericton. This is an unforgettable journey that is guaranteed to give you your overland adventure fix.

Cost: $750 CAD/ vehicle. Includes experienced Trail guide 24/7, Satellite Radio Communication, 2x Decals, 2 x T-Shirt. $500 for all Overland Living Outfitters Members ($50 annual membership fee)




Cape Spencer – 2 days

Cape Spencer is a rugged coastal destination on the Bay of Fundy at the end of a rugged trail. The trail itself will only take a few hours to complete, allowing sufficient time to spend at this breathtaking camp site. And when I say camp site, I don’t mean numbered minivan campsite, I mean rough, improvised/dispersed camping at this epic destination. There are hiking trails to be explored, ocean life to be observed, seals are frequently observed in these waters, as are whales, and occasionally a great white.

Cost: $100 / vehicle, includes experienced Trail guide 24/7, Satellite Radio Communication,  1 x ECO Decal, 1 x T-Shirt. FREE for all Overland Living Outfitters Members ($50 annual membership fee)





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